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  1. Have been watching the american version of Shark Tank for a while now. I notice like a lot of reality shows they have a “bad guy” shark (Kevin). With the australian Shark Tank I don’t think they had a bad guy maybe this is why it did not take off.

  2. Free to air TV. Channel 10.Saturday and Sunday. On both days from about 8.am till 5.pm there was nothing to watch except cooking shows and a couple of travel shows. Very boring!

  3. Mega fortnight of sport, mostly on Nine (Wimbledon, Ashes, State of Origin, AFL, NRL, Tour de France, Women’s Ashes, Women’s Origin, Rugby Championship to name some)!

    And another ridiculous article from Annette Sharp in Daily Telegraph overnight, suggesting Nine’s sport stable isn’t up to scratch and the like with Paris 2024 Olympics around the corner (she seems to dislike anything to do with Melbourne as well). They’ll surely use James Bracey, Roz Kelly and Tony Jones, maybe with Eddie McGuire and Karl Stefanovic for ceremonies and Todd Woodbridge too. As per Australian Opens and this Origin / Ashes.

    1. Not to mention that Nine also have the fina swimming champs in Fukuoka, Japan. The same time zone difference will be beneficial to Australian audiences. I saw this on Sports Sunday & noticed that the swimming champs will begin on 23 Jul on Nine/9Now.

  4. Have just finished watching Bump. Only started it a week or so ago. Loved it. I’m normally a fan of Aussie drama, and this one seemed to slip under the radar, hence why I was late to the party with this great show.
    Think it wrapped up nicely if there isn’t to be a fourth season.

    1. Yes it’s a good Aussie show. S1 and 3 were great… S2 was a mess imo. If you want to stick to that world though, you may want to check out Year Of (also on Stan)… it’s billed as a Bump spinoff but has little in common with its mother show, it’s certainly got a darker tone and heavier subject matter. The one link I’ve seen between the two shows so far is the addition of Bowie, in what appears to be a point in time post-Bump, as he’s far less aloof and more mature than he was in the original show.

      1. Loved his character. He very much gives me Ryan Corr vibes (big fan of him).
        Speaking off, also just watched In Limbo on ABC iview. Enjoyed that also. Good balance of funny and seriousness.

  5. Here’s some odd scheduling. 10 will begin replaying 2019 episodes of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ on 10Peach, with double episodes airing Thursday-Monday at 3:30am. 10Peach starts with episode 8194 from October 2019. I’m not sure regular Bold fans will tune in given the irregular hour.

      1. I’ve checked through my EPG & noticed that there is a repeat of Travel Guides (Maurtitus) penciled in on 5 Jul. The following Wed, ORigin will take place on 12 Jul, though is a dead rubber game. I’d expect that new eps of Travel Guides to be rolled out on 19 and 26 Jul. After Travel Guides ends, I wonder if The Block will take its 7:30pm place?

          1. Yes, I recall that, but other networks did the same. I never watched NCIS, but think that suffered the same treatment! 94 do it now with all the life style shows, they show repeats and then quietly play new seasons with no advertising, and we’re expected to know that they will do this!?!

    1. Nine don’t seem in any hurry to show Young Sheldon S6, they weren’t quick to show S5 either. Maybe they hope someone will make an offer for it, maybe they want to air it later. Pointless S28 ran late due to the Queen’s death. S29 has had two production breaks in it, and hasn’t finished yet. It probably hasn’t been made available for international distribution yet. The BBC only make 110 episodes a year, so Nine have to show around 150 repeats.

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