Solid return for Dancing with the Stars. Cricket gives Nine Sunday win.

Dancing with the Stars is up on its 2022 season launch -but Ashes pushed 9GEM into the third most watched channel last night.

Let’s face it, this week is Nine’s to lose, given it has both the Ashes Series and State of Origin in its arsenal.

Last night Cricket pulled up to 634,000 metro viewers for S1 giving 9GEM a massive 16.3% share -the third highest channel all night.

Meanwhile Dancing with the Stars topped entertainment at 647,000, up on 2022’s launch of 588,000.

60 Minutes (582,000) then from 7:30pm MasterChef Australia (431,000) and Grand Designs: Revisited (401,000).

Later Parental Guidance was 375,000 then Silent Witness (291,000), 7News Spotlight (271,000) and FBI (188,000).

Seven won primary share but Nine network won Sunday with 38.7% then Seven 26.4%, 10 15.6%, ABC 12.8% and SBS 6.5%.

Nine News (829,000) was best for Nine with a late edition at 226,000. Australian Crime Stories was 136,000.

Seven News was #1 at 888,000 then The Latest (144,000) and Born to Kill (84,000).

The Sunday Project drew 258,000 / 212,000 for 10. 10 News First was 234,000 / 194,000. NCIS: Hawaii was 92,000.

ABC News managed 567,000. Compass (177,000) and The Messenger at just 83,000 followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (165,000 / 82,000), The Mystery of the Nazca Lines (99,000) and Saving Venice (80,000).

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

The Kingdom: 321,000
Silent Witness: 56,000
MasterChef Australia: 711,000
Insiders: 506,000
FBI: 270,000
60 Minutes: 828,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 18 June 2023

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  1. First time I watched DWTS in years.
    The celebrity cast grabbed me.
    Didn’t realise who the hosts were until it started. They did a good job, but think some snide remarks could be dropped. The judging panel gave some constructive feedback to help future dances.
    I really enjoyed the dancing and will be back next week!

    1. Constancy across the states I assume to avoid split scheduling.
      Also would 9 have achieved such a share of it had cricket on main channel, 9Gem wouldn’t have had such a big share.

    2. I think Ch9 decided to opt 60 Mins and PG on the main channel instead of the cricket. I feel that 9 would rather have tentpole reality shows on a Sunday night instead of the cricket. The day before yesterday, cricket was shwon on 9hd.

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