Seven lifts in Q2

Seven News, Farmer Wants a Wife and Home & Away have been Seven's biggest drawcards so far this year.

Seven Network has given a report card on its second quarter, citing growth of 16% on Q1, based on national numbers.

In BVOD, 7plus’ audience soared 38%, ahead of any other free streaming service.

Across the first half of 2023 Calendar Year, Seven claims #1 nationally, with a 40% commercial share of viewers across all screens, underpinned by the most-watched news, sport and local drama on Australian screens.

Q2 2023 commercial share, VOZ:

Q2 Seven Nine 10
Broadcast TV 41% 36% 23%
BVOD 36% 47% 17%
Total TV 41% 37% 22%

2023 year-to-date commercial share, VOZ:

Seven Nine 10
Broadcast TV 40% 38% 22%
BVOD 31% 52% 17%
Total TV 40% 39% 22%

Seven titles Year to date 2023, VOZ:

Program Broadcast TV BVOD Total TV
7NEWS 1,386,000 34,000 1,420,000
Farmer Wants A Wife 1,056,000 183,000 1,239,000
Home and Away 992,000 147,000 1,139,000
Dancing With The Stars 1,042,000 77,000 1,119,000
7NEWS Spotlight: Coronation of King Charles 1,037,000 57,000 1,094,000
The 1% Club 899,000 75,000 974,000
The Chase Australia 794,000 20,000 813,000
Better Homes and Gardens 736,000 17,000 752,000
AFL 746,000 0 746,000
7NEWS Spotlight 505,000 27,000 532,000
Sunrise 382,000 17,000 399,000

Seven Chief Content Officer, Entertainment Programming, Angus Ross, said: “We’re thrilled that Seven remains home to Australia’s biggest viewing audience, with our hit news, sport and entertainment content uniting audiences on an unrivalled scale and providing exceptional year-on-year growth in our commercial share.

“New VOZ data confirms Seven is home to the most-viewed content across all screens and has been dominant in Q2, delivering the most-loved shows that connect with audiences right across Australia.

“The best is still to come this year on Seven, including the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™, which is set to be the biggest women’s sporting event in history, more Dancing With The Stars, the TV Week Logie Awards, The VoiceRFDSSAS AustraliaMy Kitchen RulesBig BrotherThe 1% Club, (Ed: previously unannounced for more in 2023) the rest of the AFL season, the Brownlow Medal, the AFL Grand FinalBathurst 1000, cricket, horse racing and much more,” he said.

Seven West Media Chief Revenue Officer, Kurt Burnette, said: “Our audience and growth in Q2 provides our partner brands with unrivalled reach through premium and brand-safe content that is proven to connect with consumers.

“From the heartland to the beating heart of cities across the country, our strategy is to continue to reach Australians across the screens of Seven, every day of the year. Our content is created to drive the national conversation, create emotional connections with audiences, to inspire, challenge and entertain. For brands looking to connect with 17 million engaged viewers a month across the biggest mass cultural moments, the screens of Seven is where the crowd is, and will be, with even more cultural moments to connect with to come in 2023.”

Seven did not issue a Q1 Audience Report.

Source: VOZ 5.0 CYTD 23 ( 01/01/23 to 27/06/23), 18-2400, consolidated 7 linear ( 21 – 27 overnight), BVOD av aud when watched 18-2400.

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  1. Unsurprising after a disastrous q1 with flop after flop. Good to focus ahead and look at the positives. 1% Club is the breakout new hit of the year. Hopefully it gets some tlc and grows further when new eps return. This is Your Life specials should do well. RFDS will need to be relaunched but should do ok provided it is promoted properly and airs after Home and Away or at 7 Sunday offering alternative to big reality drama. But Seven’s biggest hope sits on another network and it is The Block. They’re hope- that audiences tire of a reality juggernaut that shows no signs of slowing down. Unlikely given the buzz already out there but stranger things have happened and Ten could come out dominate.

    1. And Nine score Gold in veracious plagiarism. A basket full of hopelessness aside from Married at First Sight, the Ashes series, State of Origin and that garbage show ‘The Block’.

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