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The ratings are over, Carrie Bickmore has left the building and TV Tonight commences Summer hiatus.

The ratings are over, Carrie Bickmore has left the building and TV Tonight commences Summer hiatus from today … the third year in a row with no Winter hiatus at all.

This means there will be a morning wrap spanning News, Programming & Subscription, while still keeping an eye on Breaking News.

There may be some delays for Comments, Ratings and Calendar -your patience is appreciated during this time. There will be limited posts on weekends.

There are still some interviews and reviews ahead, the AACTA Awards are next week, a 2022 Multichannel Survey and the annual voting for the TV Tonight Awards is imminent.

As always, I still manage to file every day, including Christmas and your loyalty is always appreciated!


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  1. Another year in the books and what a year it was! Thanks for all your hard work David – I love visiting the site multiple times a day and you always keep us updated with all the latest news and schedule changes. Enjoy your time off!

  2. Thank you David for another great year. All of your hard work bringing the TV news to us is much appreciated and I enjoy your reading your site every day. Have a great “break” and Happy Christmas to you.

  3. Will miss not reading this on a daily basis for the next few weeks re ratings. Many thanks for all you do, for your utmost dedication re shows, and their ratings. Merry Christmas to you, and a very happy 2023. Have a very restful break. Reading this blog has always been a highlight for me. I also enjoy reading others comments too. Many thanks too for your update re all things tv re shows and actors. Look forward to its return in 2023.

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