Matt Preston quits Dancing with the Stars

Battling an injury, food critic concedes, "My ankle is cooked."

Matt Preston last night bowed out of Dancing with the Stars, forfeiting his place in the competition and allowing former AFL player Gavin Wanganeen to continue and avoid the weekly dance-off.

Preston has been battling injury since his first day of rehearsal.

“I’ve loved everything about this. My ankle is cooked. I can’t dance again tonight,” he told hosts Daryl Somers & Sonia Kruger.

“What I wand to do is concede and give the win to Gavin and Meghan who danced brilliantly today. I’m so proud to do this for you, brother.”

Meanwhile Home and Away’s Emily Weir a received a standing ovation and a perfect score of 40 from the judges.

The final leaderboard for the night:
Emily Weir and Lyu Masuda – 40
Paulini and Igor Ifliand – 30
James Magnussen and Natalie Lowe – 26
Mary Coustas and Aric Yegudkin – 26
Issa Shultz and Lily Cornish – 25
Gavin Wanganeen and Megan Wragg – 20
Matt Preston and Jess Raffa – 6

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  1. Even with the injury, Matt really didn’t show much of an interest of being there.

    It gave I have a contract with Ch 7, I don’t have a show and they are making me do this kinda vibes!

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