Logie Awards brings fans into the room

This year it won't just be stars in the Logie room.

In what is probably a first for the Logie Awards, this year TV fans will be in the same room with their favourite stars.

As part of a shake-up the awards are selling a limited number of tickets inside the Star Event Centre, not dissimilar to ARIAs and US awards which have fans in the tiers.

Balcony tickets are on sale at $99.85 each for 7:30pm Sunday July 30.

Tix have also been selling for Red Carpet from 3:30pm and Awards Ceremony at $149.95.

“Be part of the most anticipated event of the year as you get up close and personal to celebrities as they walk the red carpet and then witness the adulation and celebration of the most popular stars and shows on our screens,” says a Ticketek notice.

You can buy tix here.

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  1. In 1963, the TV Week Logie Awards had tickets sold to members of the public. However, when overseas guest Tony Hancock fell ill just days before the event, TV Week called off the presentation. (Hopefully the ticket holders got refunds!) But with the winners’ names already going to print in the magazine, TV Week opted instead for smaller, industry presentations in each state a few months later to allow winners to collect their awards.

    I am not sure if they had public tickets available again after that.

  2. I think it’s good to have the fans there as well. It enhances the atmosphere and vibe of the event. It has been seen before in award shows where the general audience are on the floor in front of the stage. If they’re only in the seating tiers, they won’t have much visibility on screen.

    Also I wanted to add a general comment for programs that have live audiences, which is that the audience should be shown more often. You can go through a whole episode of some panel shows and not see an audience member visible, even though the laughter is there.

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