Text Box: 2018-2019 Assembly Officers and their Brides
Text Box: Sir Knight Dan Quinn’s Certificate of Merit given to him by District Master Joe

Upcoming Assembly Events

· Regular Assembly Meeting Tuesday July 17, 2018 7:00 pm Holy Trinity Banquet Hall

· There will be a District Master Installation immediately after the 5 PM Mass the 25th of August, 2018 in Holy Trinity’s Banquet Hall. Assembly 3191 will be providing the Color Guard for this ceremony.



Upcoming District Events

· The District’s next Exemplification TBD.

· Installation of District Masters at Holy Trinity Church on Saturday, August 25.


Vivat Jesus

Knights of Columbus Assembly 3191

Holy Trinity Catholic Church

20523 Huebner Rd.

San Antonio, Texas 78247


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Knights of Columbus Assembly 3191


Updated 04/22/2018

Holy Trinity Assembly 3191 Newsletter June 2018-- in PDF Format

 Holy Trinity Assembly 3191

Newsletter --- June 2018

Newsletter --- June 2018

Monthly Meeting

The Assembly conducted is officer installation for the fraternal year 2018-2019. The

incoming officers are as follows:

· Faithful Navigator   Mike Wells

· Faithful Friar           Msgr. Michael Yarbrough

· Faithful Admiral      Dan Quinn

· Faithful Captain       Angel Ferrer

· Faithful Pilot Robert “Bob” Crittenden

· Faithful Comptroller          Patrick “Brian” Polk

· Faithful Purser         Michael Farmer

· Faithful Scribe         John Gonzalez

· Faithful Inner Sentinel       Paul Sanguinetti

· Faithful Outer Sentinel      Ronnie Montemayor

· Faithful Trustee 1st Year     Bruce Miketinac

· Faithful Trustee 2nd Year  J. D. Ramirez

· Faithful Trustee 3rd Year   Tom Trbovich

Left to right: SK Ricardo Guerra, SK Jude Iwaula, SK Juan Valerio, and SK Roberto

Navarro who became Sir Knights June 30, 2018 at St Pius X Exemplification.

Assembly 3191 Welcomes Our Newest Sir Knights

PFN Dan Quinn, SK Recardo Guerra, SK Jude Iwaula, District Marshall J.D. Ramierez, SK Juan

Valerio, SK Roberto Navarro, FN Mike Wells