Have You Been Paying Attention?: July 3

Guests: Aaron Chen, Celia Pacquola and Urzila Carlson.

Sorry Celia Pacquola.

Based on this press release sent a few days ago from 10, they have already forgotten you were on Have You Been Paying Attention? in June.

This week also features Aaron Chen and Urzila Carlson.

Stepping up to the Have You Been Paying Attention? podium next week and making their long-awaited season debut are comedy legends Aaron Chen and Celia Pacquola. Multi-award-winning Urzila Carlson returns to take her seat, bringing her sharp wit and effortless quips.

This powerhouse trio are saving the top left and bottom right podium positions for the dynamic duo, Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang, who also happen to be saving the all-important stage spot for the all-important Quizmaster, Tom Gleisner.

Time to start studying the news cycle and testing your buzzers to make your Monday a little less Monday.

Monday 3 July at 8.40pm on 10.

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